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Ugra-Samotlor vs. Kuzbass | HIGHLIGHTS | Round 22 | Pari SuperLeague 2024

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Both diagonal strikers joined the starting line-up of the hosts. Gleb Radchenko – to the usual position, and Mikhail Nikkel – to finish the game. The team's debut was held on equal terms – 7:7. The reinforced concrete block helped Kemerovo residents to firmly seize the initiative. All the attackers of Ugra-Samotlor tested it for strength and found no flaws. Sergey Kostrov and Nikkel ran into the wall of hands twice, Mikhail Kulygin, Radchenko and Stanislav Kassel once each. The game ended with two aces in a row by Slavi Kostadinov, who came out to strengthen the serve instead of Alexey Lobyzenko.
At the beginning of the second set, Kemerovo scored twice more on the block, and Roman Pakshin scored a pipe – 3:0. In the middle of the game, the guests stopped Radchenko with six hands – 12:8. Sergei Trotsky made a double substitution. Kostadinov and Dusan Petkovic joined the game. A powerful pitch was cut at the Campfire. Alexander Militsky, who replaced Nikkel, completed the game, Pakshin failed to cope with the reception, and Radchenko scored on the block – 15:15. Militsky scored, but, as the video review showed, he touched the net with his hand – 15:17, and a little later he hit the ball into the rope – 17:20. The player corrected his mistakes with a series of killer innings. He destroyed the opponents' reception, made an ace himself, and Kulygin and Nikkel scored accurate attacks – 21:20. Trotsky returned Dmitry Yakovlev and Yegor Krechetov to the court, released Alexander Markin and took a timeout. Nizhnevartovsk held the advantage. On the set-ball, they coped with Markin's blow and blocked Yakovlev.
In the debut of the third game, Kuzbass managed to make a breakthrough on Pakshin's serves. Radchenko waved the ball into the out from an inconvenient pass, Yakovlev did not fail in a counterattack, and Krechetov closed Militsky's shot with a single block – 7:3. Kemerovo residents retained the four-point advantage until the very end-24:20. Nikkel with a block and Militsky with a pipe reduced the gap, however, after the next submission of Militsky, the judges recorded a small out.
The stubborn confrontation continued in the fourth game. After Asparukhov's powerful attack, the ball hit Nikkel's chest and flew back to the opponents' side, where no one was waiting for him. 14:13 – in favor of Ugra-Samotlor. Militsky did not quite successfully accept Krechetov's glider, and Sergei Bagrei could neither make a pass nor break the net – 15:16. Pakshin served strongly, Militsky and Kostrov rushed at the ball, but only prevented each other – 19:21. Valery Pyaskovsky took a timeout. Militsky barely left the ball in play, and Kostrov, from an emergency pass by Herman Mellis, failed to find a gap in the visitors' triple block. Nikita Aksyutin returned to the court and failed to cope with Pakshin's serve – 19:23. Asparukhov put a point in the match.

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