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Maxim Mikhaylov vs Issei Otake | Russia vs Japan | VNL 2021 | Highlights

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Maxim Mikhaylov vs Issei Otake | Russia vs Japan | VNL 2021 | Highlights

Japan caused major sensation at the 2021 FIVB Men's Volleyball Nations League with a spectacular 3-2 win over defending champions Russia.

Here's the reaction after the game, from the virtual Mixed Zone:

Tuomas Sammelvuo (Russia head coach): "We had to close this game. We were leading and controlling the game, that's simple, but we didn't use our opportunities. Japan defend a lot of balls, the ball doesn't hit the floor easily and they have good reception. So if you lose the patience and you get nervous even for two minutes, it ends like this. Also in our attack we had one-by-one situations and even without blocks, but the ball didn't touch the court. It's a game of moments. Two or three minutes and the result might be different, but it's a good lesson."

Philippe Blain (Japan coach): "I'm proud of our players, because we came here to gain experience. We came here to fight for every point and not only look at the result - just try to increase our level of our standing and they did perfectly - especially defence, coverage. They are shorter than the Russians. Playing against great teams like here let us gain important experience, especially ahead of the Olympic Games. We didn't come here with a specific goal to win. We want to take the maximum experience and win the maximum number of matches and enjoy volleyball, because enjoying volleyball is also important, and that we did tonight."

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