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Romantic French Music & Romantic French Songs: 2 Hours of Romantic French Love Songs Old

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Romantic French music and romantic French songs - best 2 hours of romantic French love songs and romantic French songs old and romantic Frenchs song 2017. Featured in this romantic French music and romantic French songs playlist are:

Track 1: Oh Ipanema (starts at 00:00)
Track 2: Jamais trop tard - never too late (starts at 5:39)
Track 3: Est-ce la lune - is it the moon (starts at 9:46)
Track 4: Envole-moi dans le vent - fly with the wind (starts at 13:35)
Track 5: Laissons filer doucement - lets spin gently (starts at 18:14)
Track 6: Donnons-nous cette chance - give us a chance (starts at 23:41)
Track 7: Dessine-moi une échelle - draw me a ladder (starts at 28:21)
Track 8: Bébé tu verras - baby you’ll see (starts at 33:05)
Track 9: Pas besoin de parler - no need to talk (starts at 37:49)
Track 10: Quelque chose de fou - something crazy (starts at 42:50)
Track 11: C’est mélodieux - it’s melodious (starts at 48:26)
Track 12: Dimanche matin - Sunday morning (starts at 54:58)
Encore starts at 59:44

See the live performance here: https://youtu.be/faOc0s0RCIs
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