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FRENCH songs in non-French-speaking countries on The Voice | Top 10

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???????? To celebrate Bastille Day, we found 10 incredible French Blind Auditions, sung in non-French-speaking countries. Which performance is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below????

???? This video features the following performances:
00:00 Cynthia Verazie sings “Je Suis Malade” by Lara Fabian (Norway, 2021)
01:52 Александра Ганапольская sings “Moi Lolita” by Alizee (Ukraine, 2021)
03:47 Alexandre Heitz sings “Papaoutai” by Stromae (Germany, 2018)
05:35 Lisa Post sings “Always Remember Us This Way” by Lady Gaga (Netherlands, 2020)
07:31 Apryl Scemama sings “Comme d' habitude” by Claude Francois (Spain, 2019)
09:09 Χριστίνα Μάτσα sings “Je t’aime” by Lara Fabian (Greece, 2017)
11:07 Сергей Михайлин sings “Voyage, Voyage” by Desireless (Russia, 2014)
13:16 George Philippart sings “Si t'étais là” by Louane (Germany, 2020)
15:26 Rachael Leahcar sings “La Vie En Rose” by Edith Piaf (Australia, 2012)
17:25 Katell Chevalier sings “Formidable” by Stromae (Netherlands, 2016)
19:10 EXTRA Katell Chevalier sings “Amsterdam” by Jacques Brel (Netherlands, 2016)

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