Taste Revolution | Pepsi Max Cherry | Genius. #LiveForNow


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We asked people to describe the intense taste of Pepsi MAX Cherry and then, partnering with GIF-ITI artist INSA, brought their words to life.
A 360 degree camera rig was built around the installation using 90 cameras, allowing every angle of the art to be captured simultaneously. Each artwork was painted twenty four times over, layer upon layer, so they would animate when put together using stop motion.
Here is how the taste was described by two fans:
@V_GOOD_JAYCK: “Tastes like that first majestic kiss”
@davidlock: “Tastes like a chilled cherry abyss”
British pop sensation Charli XCX described the taste like this:
@Charli_XCX: “Tastes like roaring across icy glaciers”
Download the GIF-ITI app and go to the Pepsi MAX Facebook page to find the Pepsi MAX Cherry taste visuals and experience it yourself.
Maximum cherry, Maximum taste. No sugar.
Pepsi MAX Cherry.

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