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Lion vs Brave Baboon Fight West Serengeti Safari

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These kitties, only appearance harmless and fluffy, but if only to lose bditelnosti or to stay with them one-on-one, as nature immediately will win.
Graceful creatures: lions, Panthers, jaguars, tigers is a ruthless killing machines. Their fangs and claws designed for tearing, biting and killing.
With forwards animals you cannot joke.
Lions attack jaguars, jaguars attacking Panthers, Panthers tigers attack, and they attack, bulls, crocodiles, deer and people.

Wild animals kill thousands of people constantly and the bad creatures may not be those animals, which you can think. Bengal tigers, elephants, mosquitoes, animals can kill one million different ways. Predators apparently were there and will killers, and other animals protect young ones, and attack in order defense kill just by accident.

animals so arranged that there is always someone someone eats. Killing among other animals is named predation. Some animals — predators — caught, kill and consume other victims. Main goal predator to obtain the victim, and the victim is not to be eaten. Predator and victim in combat for existence constantly improving their skills, allowing the one of them to catch up and to kill, and the second to run away and stay alive.

All predators great developed instincts, assist them in detecting their victims, to track down most of them the best, to calculate attack. They are agile and smart, have a large Arsenal of equipment for detecting, catching and murder animals. Their powerful paws, tentacles, jaws, beaks, claws exclusively adapted for grabbing, to pierce, to hold and tear apart.
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