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H E Y F R I E N D S !
So I wanted to transform myself today into an Instagram "baddie" (LOL I wish). Personally I love this look, it looks super "natural" yet really glam in photos, especially for Instagram selfies. I really love the way this Instagram inspired makeup tutorial turned out!
FYI - I wanted this to be a voiceover but my computer was not agreeing with what a wanted haha, so today's vid is just a chill GRWM type of video. Please bear with me with my lighting and set up, I just got a new camera and I'm still working out the kinks!
Hope you enjoy! xx

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P R O D U C T S :
Will update shorty! :)


I'm 23, a fiancé , and a new mommy! I have a degree in International Business and concentration in marketing/PR for luxury branding (that's a mouthful). I have a HUGE passion for travel, beauty, & entrepreneurship. I'm currently working from home full time with my little kiddo in the travel industry. I've always inspired to create my own channel; so here I am!

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