The Double Dairius: Meteor Shower Roy Combo (Showcase)


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A neat combo I invented while labbing.

These are all solid examples of the combo at different %, with the last being the cleanest.
Both the sour and sweet hitboxes of down air work for this, it's a pretty interchangeable combo and both blade spots have different things they combo into and decent hitstun.
I kept the sloppy examples in to show some variation and to show that you can still perform weaker versions of the combo and make it work. The sourspot still gives a bit of room to mess up spacing, and getting a sour aerial after the second down air is better than nothing.

There could be times where sourspot dair could set up the footstool or final aerial when the sweetspot knocks a foe too high, this video could have showcased some of that without me meaning to.

To perform the Double Darius, you simply pop a foe up from a grounded position with fastfall dair, footstool them, fastfall dair again into them, then finish with another aerial of choice.
You can't tech footstools, and I believe Roy's down air is untechable if it hits a grounded foe, plus this is difficult to DI against properly.

I'm aware that it's probably a situational punish/mixup, but I'm going to push it as hard as I can and I'd like to hit footstools next with meta development, they're fun and one of the most unexplored yet potent areas with Roy.

I named the combo in honor of a friend who mains Roy, since his name's Darius, he mains Roy, and he has a mutual love of going for down airs.

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