Crowfall - epic team vs team fight - edge of map to the keep! hunger dome


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Pre-alpha gameplay footage from Crowfall. [23/04/16]

Read about the game and sign up for beta for free at:

Playing as the Legionnaire support on the PvP hunger dome test.

Buffing, debuffing, knockbacks and healing support.

No sound on the video as I was chilling to music :)

Basic mechanics and ability explanation.

- Hunger dome

The combat test environment - not the final game format.

Multiple sets of teams fight monsters and each other for loot and for survival. When you die - you're out.

A deadly mist, the hunger, slowly moves towards the middle of the map, a keep, over 15 minutes.

- General

If you have your weapon out you're in combat. You move slower and regenerate less.

If you put your weapon away you move faster and regenerate faster. In the Legionnaire's case you will also lose rage faster out of combat.

However if you are hit while out of combat you will have the disorientating 'dizzy' effect applied. If you are hit again you will be knocked down for a long time.

All characters can sprint to use stamina to run faster.

All character can use 'retaliate' on a cool down if knocked down to get back up and attack.

- Legionnaire:

Front line support fighter providing buffs (improvements to your allies), debuffs (impairments to your enemies), knockbacks and healing.

Uses rage to fuel his powers.

Most of the Legionnaire's attacks will be in a cone in front of you and can hit multiple targets.

The Legionnaire is currently the fastest archetype in the game.

Passive aura: Strength of the legion.
Increases attack power of nearby group members.

Hidden combo: Rear kick.
When attacked from behind a chance to give you the option to use this ability. Will knock enemies behind you away and down to the ground.

Left click: 'Strike' 3 chain combo attack.
Each hit generates rage. Will deal increased damage into the chain and generate more rage per hit. The third hit will slow your target(s) for 50% for 8 seconds.

Right click: Dodge.
Leap in the desired WASD direction. Uses 45 stamina. Can damage enemies if you hit them.

C: Rallying cry
Long cooldown (60s) area of effect group heal.
Gives a buff that increases the critical chance of your group.

1: Wild charge

Charge forward swinging your weapon. Can steer and cancel the ability early.

2: Bellow of triumph

Heals one close (side/front) ally for moderate amount. Applies a minor heal over time to the Legionnaire.

3. Scatter horde

Rear and smash into the ground damaging 8 enemies and pushing them back.

4. 'No quarter' combo chain.

'No quarter' (damage) leads to 'Uppercut' (more damage).

Then you chose either:

Sunder Armour
Damage and applies Armour break to targets for 15 seconds. They take 20% more damage.

Damage and applies Weapon break to targets for 15 seconds. They deal 20% less damage.

5. Battle cry.

Removes all movement impairing affects from allies and increases movement speed by 10% for 15 seconds. No rage cost. 45 second cool down.

6. Eternal rage.

Generates about 30 rage for Legionnaire.

Will give two ticks of resource regeneration to allies over 5 seconds (mana, rage, energy).

Will give two ticks of healing to both yourself and allies over 5 seconds.

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