Pepsi MAX Presents: LOVE IT. LIVE IT. | Marcelo talks about his UEFA Champions League memories.


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World-renowned Brazilian defender and back to back UEFA Champions League winner, Marcelo reveals during an interview for the 2018 Pepsi MAX #LOVEITLIVEIT football campaign he would rather have his famous hair cut-off over arriving to training by horseback. Marcelo also reminisces about his UEFA Champions League Final goal against rivals Atlético Madrid in 2014.

Earlier in February Pepsi MAX revealed its new world-class line up of global footballers by releasing memories of their career-defining moments. The new line up also includes:
• Five-time Best Player of the Year and Four-time UEFA Champions League winner, Leo Messi
• Three-time UEFA Champions League winner and German midfielder, Toni Kroos
• US award-winning playmaker and two-time Women’s Best Player of the Year, Carli Lloyd


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