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How to win French people’s hearts (and stop being a “polite stranger.”)

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Join us today:
Today, place your hand in my hand, I want to take you somewhere else.
I want to unlock a door to a special place for you: French people’s hearts.
You might’ve heard, or experienced first hand, that gaining entry to this place can be tricky.
Sure, when you travel to France, you use your French to buy baguettes, to ask for directions, to order at the restaurant. Your grammar isn’t perfect, your pronunciation could be better and you avoid complicated tenses, but it works. Good!
But even if you can "survive" pretty well in France Kate, you feel that something is missing.
I'm not talking about vocabulary, grammar or pronunciation.

No. These are just one-way communication tricks.
It's connection. Relationships. Exchange.
A path to the heart.
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