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Canada vs Germany | VNL 2021 | Highlights | Sharone Vernon-Evans vs Linus Weber

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Canada bagged their third victory and brought a five-match losing streak to an end at the 2021 FIVB Men's Volleyball Nations League with a solid sweep of Germany.

Here's the reaction after the game, from the virtual Mixed Zone:

Linus Weber (Germany): "Our expectations were different, but if you look at the start of the game, there is a huge difference between how we have started with three mistakes in a row and after this we were running these mistakes all the set. Also in the second part we didn't start well, but we fought hard in the third. It was a close set - it's a good thing. We tried to use our energy, but we didn't come back and at the end Canada played really good volleyball on a constant level."

Sharone Vernon-Evans (Canada): "It's just amazing. Like we said yesterday we just came here and tried to compete and today it was in our fortune in our favour. We fought hard, we kept our foot on the pedal and kept on trying persevering in tough moments to keep this leading and keep fighting until the end. A key to victory? The reliance on tough points, keeping the ball in long rallies, trying to keep the ball off the floor, we made a good pressure on the block and forced them to narrow their game down on a specific side of the court, so it was easier to get our blocks set up. I feel that just blockers and defenders were all together."

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Canada vs Germany, Sharone Vernon-Evans, VNL 2021
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