Camille et la Tentation / Full french Movie Sub English (1971)


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Cult Romance Film Movie french Camille et la Hot Tentation | full length movie | Subtitles English | French 1971 | Black & White
un film de Marine Claire Boisson | In a romantic summer, Camille a teen girl, fall in a love story with an adult man, known in camping... Drama about love with old man and young teen and stupid society | Sub Eng | subtitles English | Original Language French |
francaise, called also Tempted Above
avec Marionne Jeré, Patrick Le Blanche, Simone Regardes,
inspire from a novel of Jacques Claude Designe |
Music and Sound by Anna Marie Bisoux
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| also Love and Love,Life of Sophie, Jojo is free, gay lesbian |
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| Full Movie | Sub Fr / Da / Esp/Spa Hot Temptation
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